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Wearpack dale, Dale, Coverall Dale, wearpack dale murah di Jakarta indonesia

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13 / 12 / 2019
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ABADI UTAMA GLODOK Kami Menjual Fire Protection Engineering, Safety Equipment Center, Multimeter, Engineering Plastik, Heater, Industrial Materials dan General Trading yang berkualitas bagus dan harga murah / bersaing / terjangkau.

Detail Wearpack Dale, Dale, Coverall Dale, Jual Wearpack Dale Murah Di Jakarta Indonesia

Wearpack dale, Dale, Coverall Dale, jual wearpack dale murah di Jakarta indonesia. Wearpack Dale DALE ANTIFLAME FABRIC FOR COVERALL 1. SINGLE SOURCE PRODUCTION DALE ANTIFLAME is produced only in NORWAY and you can be guaranteed of its quality as compared to other br ands which have their production in other countries which the fabric comes out in different quality e.g. made in Taiwan, Australia, China etc. 2. COMFORT Any working environment requiring protective garment is already stressful enough and therefore comfort is very important. DALE ANTIFLAME is made from 100% Egyptian Cotton Long Stra nd which is the best cotton in the world. Cotton is natural fibre that absorbs moisture from the skin and moves it to the outer surface where it evaporates when working environment are warm. Conversely it acts as an insulator in cold environment when perspiration is low. Closely monitore d production process is designed to conserve these properties, giving DALE ANTIFLAME its unique combination of comfort and functionality moreover shrinkage is well controlled at 3% maximum. 3. WEIGHT DALE ANTIFLAME do not have to produce material which has to be lighter for comfort and heavier for protection like other brands. At 215 gm/ m 2 it has better protection in terms of single layer FR Coveralls. Some brands have to cater for a lighter ( thinner) fabric for comfort in the tropics which has the ‘ holes’ and ‘ see through’ effect. DALE ANTIFLAME on the other hand has all the requirement of an FR fabric with the extra edge for comfort and pr otection. In terms of protection it meets the NFPA 2112-2001, EN531 and EN533 requirement. As for the slight difference in weight, our coverall will only be maximum 130gm heavier per coverall which can hardly be felt by the user. Even slightly heavier DALE ANTIFLAME is very air permeable and sweat absorbent unlike others which have to open weave for air permeability thus creating sort of ‘ holes’ in the fabric and compromising on protection. It is also tested for harmful substances. 4. THIRD DEGREE BURNS DALE ANTIFLAME with its good quality cotton and technology is able to minimize the escalation of heat/ burns to the body as compared to other brands. Therefore, third degree burns af ter the four seconds flash fire is considerably avoided and reduced. Hub : mia_ brsinaga@ Phone 085691398333, 021-40911748
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